The Benefits Of Solar Power

Reduced carbon footprint
We are always being told we need to decrease our carbon footprint and be more ‘Green’ and Solar panels are an excellent way to do so. The great thing about renewable energy is that it doesn’t release any harmful CO2.On average a 1.8kwp Solar PV system can reduce your household carbon emissions by over 900kgCO2/yr.

Significantly lower your energy bills
With the use of solar panels you can reduce you energy bills up to 25 years. Not only do you save money by not having to use as much energy from the national grid, but companies and are now paying out for you to help generate green energy!

Protect yourself from rising electricity prices
The demand for electricity is forever increasing, with prices rising approximately 7% every year for over a decade. So how can solar panels help? Well for starters sunlight is free! So once fitted your Solar PV systems can help by greatly reducing your dependency on grid supplied electric. A typical PV system can produce around 40% of the electricity that a household needs in a year.

Sell your leftover electricity
Sometimes your system may produce far too much electricity than what you need, so instead of wasting it, make some money by selling it back to the Grid.

No Maintenance Needed
One of the most reliable technologies out there, with a 20-25 years cell warranty, once installed you don’t have to worry about it for a very long time. The great thing about the Solar PV system is there are no moving parts, therefore very little maintenance would be required at all.

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