Solar Power: Return On Investment

Grow and protect your investment; See the financial benefits.

Feed in tariffs are government backed so you can be assured of guaranteed payments for 25 years with a tax-free return that’s better than any bank or building society can offer!

Year 1: Let Your Investment Grow

  • Earn tax-free income immediately
  • Receive quarterly payments
  • Guaranteed investment that will grow year on year

Year 10: Watch It Flourish

  • Feed in tariffs are linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) so your income will rise with inflation earning you more as the years pass
  • Income from your green electricity and reduced energy bills will make your property more attractive to potential buyers

Year 25: Free Electricity For Life!

  • Free greener electricity for life
  • Generate 50% of your electricity usage*
  • Save 1.3 tonnes of carbon per year*

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